has anyone actually had a neighbor thats asked to borrow sugar

no but one time my neighbor arrived with 56 packages of sugar saying there was a sale and he gave us 10 for free

your neighbor is the type of person we read about in math books

Finally got to a scanner!



Not Sammy

That pout though

Accidentally published instead of answering privately -_- 
Well, I'm all for giving it a try and if she won't work with you, she won't work with you. When would be a good point to start? Ooh, what if Em came to the hotel like she does in Slice Girls, prepared to do her rite of passage by killing Dean, but Sarah's the one that answers the door instead and that gets Em to reconsider the whole thing?

That’d be pretty cool. :3 and yeah, there’s no reason to not try.



So thinking of leviathans is a terrible idea when one’s about to go to bed.

Would anyone blame me if I were to skip over Season 7 in my re-watching of SPN?

Outside of missing ‘Slice Girls’ and the wonder/horror that is Emma Winchester, I would not blame you one bit. Leviathans are just all kinds of blaaaargh.

It’s more because I had a nightmare that my mom was eaten by leviathans. Aside from the fact that they’re disgusting creatures.


I feel like I’m beginning to bore my partners.

VanCon Stories Part 3: Karaoke Night 

So, this one’s a general summary of my karaoke experience.

It actually started in the morning when I met Adam Rose. I asked him if he was gonna be at karaoke, he said yes. I told him I would be but I wasn’t sure if I was gonna sing. He suggested I should.

It happened again when I was getting Gil’s autograph, he said it’d be fun. Then I got to Adam’s and finally gave in and said I’d at least sign up. He was like “awesome!”

When the sign up happened, I tweeted Gil and asked him what he thought my chances were of being picked— he responded with “I’m pulling for you!” And I got really excited and was like “well now I HAVE to sing.” To myself.

Karaoke started, and I waited I get picked because now I actually wanted to. I wasn’t, and I kept waiting, and I got to touch Rob Benedict and RSJ, and then Osric was making a pass during one song and I just wanted like a high for or something — he pulled me onto the stage and I was like “what are you doing?? This isn’t my song I don’t know this song!” And he said “just go with it!” And I flopped spectacularly.

And then TAHMOH was​ there and I’m like “Tahmoh c’mere!” And he did, so I said “it’s really awesome that you’re ere, and I think it’s cool that you’re First Nations ‘cause I am too!” And he gave me a hug. Then the song ended and I went back to the floor in front of the stage.

Ten minutes until I had I leave and I hadn’t got picked, but I was still waiting. My friend and I got RSJ’s attention and basically were just shouting “Richard!” Until he looked at us. “Come here!”

And then we got Richard hugs, and I said “thanks for doing the karaoke I had a great time even though I don think I’ll be able to sing.” Because I had to leave soon right? So then he asked what song I was singing and I told him Firework but Katy Perry.

Then he disappeared off stage for like five minutes. I was trying really hard to not get my hopes up at that point but I was really hoping anyways.

Then he came back out when the next song ended and announced “Hannah Jazmine” and I was really confused because everything was quiet and I didn’t realize that he’d actually pulled my name until he announced the song. Then I corrected him to “Hannah Janine” and he apologized. I was like “no I have messy writing it’s okay” but he didn’t let me.

And then Gil was up there with me and I sang Firework with him in knee-high blue socks and shorts. Then I hugged him and Richard and my mom was there to pick me up so I had to go pretty quick afterwards, but it was awesome.

I just had a conversation with my mom and it reminded me of the Driver Picks the Music conversation from the SPN pilot.

"Mom what are you doing? Those are my movies!"

"Daughter, they’re VHS tapes."


"So, we can find a DVD copy of them somewhere."

"That’s not the same!"


"They’re too close to be "just friends"!"


"Look! They care for each other! They must be in love!”


"They talk to each other  a lot! Its so cannon that they’re gay for each other!"






So thinking of leviathans is a terrible idea when one’s about to go to bed.

Would anyone blame me if I were to skip over Season 7 in my re-watching of SPN?


Jared Padalecki: a summary in text posts (insp)

The point of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 

the point of pouring a shit ton of ice water over yourself is because when one suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) one of the effects the disease has is a numbness throughout the body, as well as struggling to breathe, and both these are meant to temporarily happen when doused in freezing water. It’s to raise awareness of what ALS feels like and encourage donations towards research and cures.

So I’m going to bed, because I’m getting a haircut (trim?) tomorrow and we’re doing some stuff in Nanaimo so I need to be up early. Goodnight my lovelies.